A Journey of a Lifetime

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Our Very First Safari: August 2016

My wife and I had never before been to Kenya or anywhere else in Africa for that matter.  

In August 2016 we were fortunate to have come across  the folks at Mara Safari who were extremely helpful and super efficient in structuring a two (2) week Kenyan Safari Tour for us .We stayed at The Mara Serena Lodge in the Maasai Mara National Park and The Serena Sweet Waters Tented Camp in Olepajete Game Reserve with our base being Nairobi. The trip was truly an experience of a lifetime and I would recommend it unreservedly.  The advantage we had,  with hindsight,  was the hands on practical experience  of the Mara Safari planners who are intimately acquainted with everything Kenyan, the managing director apparently being a fourth generation African national .  

Knowing that  tour operators are well established  and connected in a country (continent) one has never visited and the culture and customs of which one is, quite  frankly,  totally unfamiliar with, was reassuring  to say the very least. 

After two weeks in nature’s pristine wilderness with , as one  guide -book calls it, ‘champagne -fresh air’ , I can truly say on my return to my home country --- Hakuna Matata --- Life can be  really simple and beautiful .

Authour: Mr. & Mrs. Nath